KVMS Pro for PC Free Download on Windows 11 & MacOS

Read the Manual to Install and Configure KVMS Pro for PC. Alongside the theory, we also gave the image illustrations for your ease and to reduce the chance of error. Before anything else, we want to discuss the KVMS Pro and its benefits. Let’s begin with the KVMS Pro introduction.

What is KVMS Pro?

It is developed by the Aditya Infotech Company. This is the dedicated software to view the surveillance footage of your CP Plus Cameras and Alhua technology CCTV camera.

It is the remote camera viewer. Using this software users connect with the DVRs on a computer and they monitor the live coverage of the cameras. Useful for security, keeping eye on the workers, incoming, outgoing, and surroundings of the property. It is available for almost all most being used operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. KVMS compatibility game is nearly complete. Users will not find any difficulty in downloading the KVMS Pro executable file for PC. By the way, you can download KVMS Pro for PC from download links given by us.

Download Links

Using the KVMS Pro Client software you can view the surveillance footage of your CCTV cameras on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows XP and MacOS above Mojave.

KVMS Pro For Windows

KVMS Pro For Mac

Visit these links to download KVMS Pro for PC

Installation Manual

Here are the installation steps of KVMS Pro for PC. We request you don’t mess with the sequence. Follow the steps with help of image illustration so, you don’t have to face any crash or malfunction.

After downloading the file from the given link, you have to start the file extraction. Not a lengthy procedure just takes a few seconds. It will make the KVMS Pro For PC software for installation. You must agree to the terms and conditions of the software and then select you language in which you want to use this software. Click on the Nex button.

KVMS Pro for PC

At the next Window select “KVMS Pro, the second option is not suitable for daily home or office usage. If you want to put the burden of storage on your computer then you can select the second option too. After making the decision click on the Next button.

KVMS Pro for PC

Where you want to install the KVMS Pro on PC. This means, in which drive, folder, or subfolder where the KVMS Pro should appear. Or, you can continue with the default location which is Drive “C” > program files > KVMS Pro. Mark the tick on Generate Shortcut option if you want quick access on KVMS Pro for PC through Shortcut. Finally, you are ready to install KVMS Pro, click on the Install button.

KVMS Pro for PC

Keep patience and watch the installation bar to get complete. Once the installation finish, Run the KVMS Pro, tik mark it, and then click on the Finish button to exit the installation wizard.

Login to KVMS Pro

After running the setup the Client software will open on the Windows or Mac OS Laptop or Desktop. Here the signup screen will open where you can create a password for your account. Enter the password twice, one for registration and one for confirmation. Don’t forget to select the auto-login option to avoid entering details next time. Click on the Next button.

At the next step, users have to select three security questions and give answers to them. Moreover, you can also select custom questions. Make sure you can remember the security questions and the answers. Such questions and their answers will help you in password recovery in the case, you forgot the password of your account in the future.

KVMS Pro for PC

Back to the Login Screen, Enter the default username i.e Admin, and password i.e “You just created before”. You are successfully signed in on the KVMS Pro for Windows.

Add Device

KVMS Pro for PC Client will open on the main screen, click on the “Device” option located in the top center of the screen. The drop-down list is highlighted, select “Add Device” here.

KVMS Pro for PC

A pop-up window will appear on the screen with all the information needed to add a CCTV camera. Then click the “Add” button.

KVMS Pro for PC

Live View of Footage

After adding all devices, you can see all security snapshots of added devices. Go to the KVMS Pro Client main screen and select the “Live View” option. Now select the device in the left pane and see the surveillance image in the right pane.

KVMS Pro for PC

That’s how you become able to view the live CCTV Video feed on KVMS Pro for PC. Thank you for your time and support. Please keep visiting this site daily because we are doing something that is practically helpful.

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