HikVision DVR Software for PC – Free Download on Windows & Mac

HikVision is not needy of introduction the world-class international CCTV Cameras and other tools manufacturers. They are in the industry since the beginning of the CCTV cameras trend. Providing the services in security surveillance in probably every country on the map. Their setup is wide and they deal in every scale from small homes to the entire giant size HQs or even a smart city! Dahua is considered to be their biggest competitor. Both are Chinese companies ruling the business of Security Equipment spread in the world. For the past many years, we are writing about HikVision and its products specifically software-related.

HikVision DVR Software is another product by them. This software is developed for HikVision DVR management. The client can use the HikVision DVR software for viewing live monitoring, getting assistance from the company, and for the cloud storage of their videos. Whether you are using cameras at a small scale or a large scale, this software will never discriminate the performance. HikVision has done a great job! and that’s not a new thing to hear!

HikVision clients got many option for viewing the live CCTV Camera Footages. I mans they have many tools like Hik Connect, HiLookVision, iVMS 4500, iVMS 4200, iVMS320 and hell of other tools that are related to the industry lik Hik-ProConnect one of a kind HikVision AI repairing tool.

Sorry for going offtopic, now we are coming back to our topic i.e Installation and configuration manual for HikVision DVR Software on PC.

Software Requirements

Check the software requirements and then click on the download button according to the OS you are using.

Windows OS Mac OS
11/10/8/7 10.0 or later

Download Hikvision DVR Software for Windows

Download Hikvision DVR Software for Mac

How to Download HikVision DVR Software for PC

After extracting the HikVision DRV Software downloaded file from the links given above, The Windows will launch the Hikvision DVR Setup file. Click on Yes to confirm that you want to start the installation wizard. At the first instance, read the license agreement and accept it to continue.

Now select the features you would like to get from within the CMS. If you are only trying the view the live feeds, you can simply select the Client installation. Here, the users need to select Storage Server and Stream Media Server facilities, check the boxes of options you want with HikVision DVR Software for PC.

 Hikvision DVR Software for PC

You will be required to wait for a couple of seconds once you click on the Install button, Keep Patience until the installation progress bar is completed.

 Hikvision DVR Software for PC

Once the installation process is completed, check the “Launch iVMS-4200“. If you want to “Create desktop shortcuts” boxes, before clicking on the Finish button.

 Hikvision DVR Software for PC

Login and Configuration

  1. If you are new to iVMS 4200, you need to select a password to secure your account from invaders. For your knowledge, the Default username and password are provided by the HikVision when their agent sets up the cameras. The username by default is “admin” that you can also change in the future.
    iVMS 4200 for PC
  2. Once you write down the credentials, you’ll be asked to select security questions, the password hint also, so only you can benefit from the password reset facility in the future.
    iVMS 4200 for PC

Device Configuration

  1. Click on the Device Management tab from the right pane located at the main interface of the IVMS 4200 PC,
    iVMS 4200 for PC
  2. Click on the + Add button and enter your device details to connect the camera with iVMS 4200.
    iVMS 4200 for PC
  3. After adding the devices, do ensure that all the devices are showing Online Status.
  4. You can view the live streams by navigating to the Live Preview tab.

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