Installation Guide: SOOVVI Int’l for PC [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

SOOVVI Int’l a reliable CMS functions like open-source CM, Supports multiple brands, and is compatible with many of the Camera Surveillance Tools like DVR, NVR, and IPC. We will guide you on how to download SOOVVI Int’l for PC. As you know that PC software installation is a bit difficult as compared to smartphone app installing. Just a few taps on your smartphone and you got the app. But when it comes to installing software like SOOVVI Int’l for PC it takes quite enough time and steps. Next to the installation, we have the configuration task which also involves many steps.

So, we are demonstrating this tutorial for the users who want SOOVVI Int’l for PC. Alongside the downloading links, there is a installation manual with images, Login with images and also the configuration with image illustrations. So, let’s begin the topic which you all are here for.

Link to Download:

Here is the download link for SOOVVI Int’l for PC

Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7
Developer Jovision
Processor Intel Core-i3 or above

Download SOOVVI Int’l for Windows


After extracting the field from the downloaded folder, launch the VMS-6100 Setup file on your computer. To confirm your action, click on the Next button to start the installation process.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC

After assigning the folder to VMS, click on the Install button. Or, you can click on the Browse button to select a preferred folder destination (it’s optional).

SOOVVI Int’l for PC

Right after that the previous step the installation will get started you need to wait until the installation progress bar is completed.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC

Once the VMS gets installed completely, you will be required to perform the following actions:

  1. Check “Start Client” and “Create a desktop icon” checkboxes.
    SOOVVI Int’l for PC
  2. Click on the “Completed” button.


Before launching the VMS, your computer operating system will notify you about the blockade of various features. Now users have to Command Windows OS to let the VMS Bypass the Windows Defender Firewall.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC


From the first Login Window, you have to create a superuser and enter a strong passcode to it. Do ensure to check the “Remember Password” for auto-login in the future. So, users don’t have to enter login details again and again.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC

For password recovery and assisting Login you will be asked to select three questions, which you will have to answer. In future you may have to enter these answers to retrieve your account, in case you forgot your password.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC


Now you will see the main interface of SOOVVI Int’l. So now it’s your job to start the installation process, to connect your monitoring equipment. To do this, click on the Device Manager tab.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC

In the control panel, you need to click on the “+ Add device” button. A device configuration pop-up will appear on the device screen.

In this configuration popup, you must first select your preferred methods such as CloudSEE, ONVIF or IP/DDNS. Then enter the necessary details such as device name, IP address, port, CouldSEE protocol, etc.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC

Live View

After successfully configuring the device, navigate back to the VMS control panel.

SOOVVI Int’l for PC

Now select the video preview tab to see the real-time view of the connected surveillance equipment.


SOOVVI Int’l for PC

That’s all! Hopefully you can understand now how to install, configure and use SOOVVI Int’l for PC.


Q) Can I Record Videos from SOOVVI Int’l?

A) A good thing is that a built-in media gallery is provided for users who want quick access to the stored images and videos. Users are allowed to record videos and take snapshots whenever they want to. Q) Does SOOVVI Int’l Support Multi-Channeling?

Q) Does SOOVVI Int’l Support Multi-Channeling?

A) Though, you can also view a particular live feed on the fullscreen. Yes, SOOVVI Int’l supports multi-channeling, you can view multiple cameras feeds on a singular interface.

Q) What Is SOOVVI Int’l?

A) The application gives you remote access to your smart appliances and allows you to control them from wherever you like to. SOOVVI Int’l is designed to work with Wi-Fi cameras and smart devices delivered by Jovision.

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