Download Hik-ProConnect for PC, Windows 11 & Mac OS

Get Hik-ProConnect for PC Download free of cost through this guide. Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15, macOS 11, macOS 12 users can follow the guide written in this tutorial.

HikVision has a huge impact on the security surveillance sector. A large number of organizations and house owners use Hik Vision products for their place security all around the world. They have given the brilliant technology, advanced generation cameras. Also, they developed the best surveillance software and apps for their client, they never compromise on users’ ease.

For the first time, a security company is facilitating the solution providers too. Hik-ProConnect is developed for the providers, franchise owners, and independent technicians to manage the security surveillance matters remotely on client computers. By keeping sitting in one place they can fix the issues on client computers remotely.

What is Hik-ProConnect?

Hik-ProConnect is developed for the HikVision offered services. This app is designed for the advisors and managers that have the responsibility of handling the client. For example, checking the client’s computer health, remote installation, configuration, and camera management too. So, you can say it’s a kind of cloud solution developed for HikVision product’s client. It is a sign of relief for security providers or installers to manage services for customers. They don’t need to visit the customer physically, this remote app can perform the necessary functions.

hik-Proconnect for PC

Also, the app will perform a major role in the expansion of business. It will decrease human effort and increase work efficiency. The hik-ProConnect solution enables you to customize security solutions for customers. Alongside, it offers fully-converged Hikvision devices, covering video, intrusion, access, intercom, and more. If you are an end-user, you must have to install the Hik Connect App first on your device for remote device management. The Hik-ProConnect is for the security solution providers only.

Noteworthy Features of Hik-ProConnect

The biggest benefits of the app are remote management, over-the-air device, and system configuration. Access to the client’s main computer is compulsory. A provider can install DVR/NVR/access on the client/s device through the Hik-ProConnect App. Remember this facility is only for the HikVision products.

Moreover, Send invitation and grant permission to the end-user to own the system
Proactive System Health Monitoring. Remember the client grant request to access is compulsory for the provider. Various Hikvision devices are able to converge and work together as one system. The provider can create workflows for different event types on request of the client, for example, time schedules, and triggered actions.

How to Download Hik-ProConnect for PC

In other departments there are alternative but in OS world we have tweaks and tricks, that makes it beautiful. The system software developers invent a hundred pros from a single Con. Similarly, the drawback is Hik-ProConnect for PC unavailability but, there are many ways to install Hik-ProConnect on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey.

But, the task is impossible without the involvement of Android Emulators. Such software is the one that lets us download those Android Apps whose PC version is not developed just like Hik-ProConnect for PC. Due to the Android Emulation PC users can use mobile Applications.

Installation of Hik-ProConnect on Windows is a pretty straightforward procedure.

  1. First, Download BlueStacks, and second, install it on Windows Laptop/Desktop whatever you are using.
  2. Now download Hik-ProConnect APK on your device. You can Download the Hik-ProConnect App APK file from any APK provider like Uptodown App for PC,, etc.
    1. To secure your connection while downloading, use the ProtonVPN for PC or CyberghostVPN for PC.
  3. Now you need to drag and drop the APK file into BlueStacks home. Click on the install option if the confirmation prompts.
  4. After installation of the APK file, you are ready to use the Hik-ProConnect for PC but only inside the emulator.

Installation Steps of Hik-ProConnect on macOS

Likewise, the Hik-ProConnect for PC Windows procedure, installation of Hik-ProConnect on PC Mac is also easy. Here are the steps for downloading and using the Hik-ProConnect.apk for Macbook Air/Pro and other macOS devices.

  1. Download Nox App player from our guide, or use the official source that is their website.
  2. Install the Nox on Mac and complete the initial formalities.
  3. Once the Nox home screen appears, drag and drop the APK file into Nox and click on the install option.

That’s how you download Hik-ProConnect for PC, Windows, and macOS operating systems. By the way, you need to activate Google Play Services on both emulators if you want to use any of these. On both emulators, you need to click on Google Play Store. The emulator will ask you for Google Account while the first-time usage. Users can enter the existing Google Account. Or, create a new one if they didn’t sign-up yet.

If someone wants to install Hik-ProConnect for PC or Phone he have to download and install Hik-ProConnect APK latest version. See the details and download the latest version of Hik-ProConnect from any APK website.

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