Triplens: Photo Translator for PC & Desktop for Free

Triplens: Photo Translator for PC. Triplens: Photo Translator a perfect app for those who love to travel a lot and explore new places. The main problem everyone faces when they travel to another country is their language. Not everyone is so smart that before going to another country you can easily learn their language. So, keep that in mind, the developers at Kita apps, developed the Triplens: Photo Translator.

What is Triplens: Photo Translator?

A photo app that will help you translate any language by taking a photo. Whenever you are in a foreign country and you are lost. It will be very hard to talk to someone and find where you are but if you have Triplens: Photo Translator in your smartphone. You can easily take the photos of the street plates, signboards and even check your current location on your device and with the help of Triplens: Photo Translator you can tell anyone where you are.

Not only Triplens: Photo Translator reduces the language barrier it also helps you easily identify any object. All you have to do is take a photo of it and Triplens: Photo Translator will let you know what it’s.

Now, these were the best features that you can get when you will install Triplens: Photo Translator on your smartphone. However, there is a catch, Triplens: Photo Translator is a free app and one can download it from Google Play or App Store from free.

But after 3 days, you won’t be able to use any of these features for free. After that, you have to pay a small chunk of money to keep it using. In short, you have to use the premium version once your 3 days trial is over.

I would recommend you to buy the Triplens: Photo Translator premium version if you are a frequent traveler. The paid version comes with a number of new features that are not available in the free version.

Now it’s time to tell you how you can download Triplens: Photo Translator for PC Windows 10 & Mac. But the main question remains, can we install Triplens: Photo Translator on PC? and why would we need it on PC?

Why Install Triplens: Photo Translator on PC?

It’s a good question, why install Triplens: Photo Translator on PC? Since it’s designed for smartphones and to provide you assistance on the go. There is no doubt and its fact but since Triplens: Photo Translator worked so well on my Android & iOS devices. I thought why not try using it on PC.

I did install Triplens: Photo Translator on PC and it worked really well. I can easily translate all the documents in other languages, it helped me to translate books, etc.

So that is why I think Triplens: Photo Translator will do good on your computer & laptop.

Can We Install Triplens: Photo Translator on Windows 10 & Mac?

Answer to that is, Yes! It’s easy and I did it and so can you. Directly you cannot install any Android app either on Mac or Windows PC. But with the help of an Android Emulator you can and in this case, I will be using BlueStacks to install Triplens: Photo Translator on PC.

Let’s get to it.

Triplens: Photo Translator for PC & Desktop for Free:

Triplens: Photo Translator for PCTriplens: Photo Translator for PC

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First, you need to download either BlueStacks or NOX, both of these are the top of line Android Emulators available for Windows 10 & Mac.

Step1: Download BlueStacks from the link given above on your Mac or Windows 10 PC.

Step2: Install BlueStacks, follow the on-screen instructions to install & configure BlueStacks. You will require a Gmail ID in order to run Google Play Services on BlueStacks.

Step3: Launch Google Play on BlueStacks and type in Triplens: Photo Translator. Click on the app name and you will be taken to the app page.

Step4: Click on Install and then wait for the downloading process to get finished. Once it does, you will the icon on your BlueStacks home screen.

That’s all.


This is how you can download Triplens: Photo Translator on your Windows 10 & Mac. Once you have you can easily translate any document, card, Book, Text on Picture using Triplens: Photo Translator.

Loves to write about Apps and how to install them on Windows and Mac.

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