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We are adding another recommendation to our list of best CMS. This time we brought the Greatek HD For PC at In the past few days, we brought alot of CMS for the CCTV clients. Our team got a very good response on all of that software. So, we are quite happy to continue this series. Coming back to the topic, let’s talk about Greartek HD. We will write a short overview of the app, discuss its features, and most importantly how to install Greatek HD for PC. Not just installing we will also post the steps through which you can configure your CCTV cameras with Greatek HD for PC.

What is Greatek HD?

It is the CCTV Management tool that allows viewing real-time video feed through the IP Camera network eyes. Not just the IP Camera Network! This tool also supports DVRs, NVRs, etc. So, you are getting multiple support options in CCTV tools from just one software. GREATEK HD is designed as well as developed by the FelenaSoft company. You can get this CMS software for Windows, macOS, and Linux OS

Here are the download links of Greatek HD for compatible devices.

Download for PC Download for Windows Download for iPhone

Smartphone users using Android and iOS devices have a simple method to install and use Greatek HD for phones. But, Windows and macOS have to pass through a lengthy procedure. The installation and configuration procedure required many steps. And, many users don’t make it to the last step due to missing some important steps.

Downloading Greatek HD for PC

So, we are going to write the whole procedure with the image illustration. The images will ensure the procedure following sequentially and also accurate installation, configuration, etc.

Double click on the file to start the installation files. If it is in a ZIP file it will take a few extra seconds for the extraction of files. Just click on the “Yes” button and the installation process will begin.

Greatek HD for PC

Just simply the “Next” button and you will get a new screen at the welcome setup wizard screen.

Greatek HD for PC

At this step, you need to choose the installation directory for the storage of GREATEK HD for PC. You can leave it by default and then click on the “Next” button. Or you can “Browse” button and select the directory where you want to install the software.

Greatek HD for PC

If you want an auto shortcut Click on the “Create a desktop icon”. After the selection just click on the “Next” button to proceed ahead.

Greatek HD for PC

At this step, just click on the “Install” button to start the installation process of GREATEK HD for Windows.

Greatek HD for PC

The installation may take some time so please have patience. Wait for some time until the installation gets complete.

Greatek HD for PC

Click on the “Launch CMS” and then click on the “Finish” button, your installation procedure is completed.

Now you have to log in to the CMS in order to connect the Cameras with Greatek HD for PC.

CMS Login and Add Cameras

Now you need to enter the default username “admin” and password required, just click on the “OK” button. (Contact your CCTV Company to get the username and password, if you don’t have)

Greatek HD for PC

Windows Defender firewall alert will appear on the screen, select all the options as shown below. Click on the “Allow access” button.

Software home screen will appear on the screen of the PC. You will see the “Device Config” option click on it to proceed towards adding devices.

The device manager screen will appear, first select the option “Manually Add” then enter the device credentials such as device name, IP address, port, username, etc. Then click on the “Save” button.

To access the live click on the option “Live” then double-click on the added device on the list and the live streaming will start as shown in the image below.

Greatek HD for PC That’s all!

An alternative way to install Greatek HD for Windows and MacOS

We recommend Nox App Player 6 to install Greatek HD for PC, Greatek HD for Mac, and other PC systems. Follow the below steps to download and install Greatek HD for Macbook.

First Step • For downloading Nox App Player on PC, you need to visit our guide (Nox installer for PC). It will take a while to complete downloading.

Second Step • Once the downloading finishes, run the “.EXE” file to install Nox App Player on PC.  Wait for the installation and further proceeding.

Third Step • Nox App Player home screen will appear infront of you. Find the Playstore App, click on it. First, it will ask you to Log-in your Google Account. Enter the already existing account or create the new ID. If you are already using an Android smartphone or tablet. You can use that ID for Nox App Player too.

Fourth Step • Come back to Google Play on Nox. Search Greatek HD on the Google Play search bar. Click on the install button and wait. After a few minutes, Greatek HD will be installed on your MacBook.

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