Download Kestrel Viewer for PC [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

Krestel Viewer is the Camera management software for the CCTV Client. It shows us the live video feed of the CCTV cameras on our Windows and MacOS Computers. The installation and configuration of the CMS on a computer are not so easy. Especially people who don’t know much about computers face difficulty in accomplishing such tasks. No doubt the onscreen instructions are in every software approximately. But, they are not enough to easily understood the manuals of installation and configuration of CMS like Krestel Viewer for PC.

So we are here with the detailed manual by combining the theoretical and practical procedure of installing and configuration of Krestel Viewer for PC. People who are good at understanding theory can follow the steps written and the ones who have a practical mind approach can follow the image illustrations.

First, we want to explain a bit about the Krestel Viewer itself. What it offers and what its’ not? Check out the features too. After that, we prepared a good method to install Krestel Viewer for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, MacOS 10, MacOS 11, MacOS 12.

What is Krestel Viewer?

As we told you before that it is the CMS that is used for camera monitoring mainly. The crystal viewer is not alone infact it works with different names. As such, there is no proper Krestel Viewer for PC but it works with the QVMS which is a brilliant client solution for many other CMS. Want to use Krestel Viewer for PC! Use the QVMS on PC because both are nearly the same.

Check out the further details about the QVMS in the below table. Afterward, click on the given download button according to your computer system software.

Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7
Developer QVIS
Processor Intel Core-i5 or above

Download QVMS for Windows

Download Kestrel File Player for Windows

The software may not support all versions of these operating systems. Especially the low-end and discontinued versions of OS may need to update their system software to run this application software.


Step 1: Launch the QVMS Setup file on your PC after extracting the downloaded file. Simply, click on the Next button to initiate the installation.

Krestel Viewer for PC

Step 2: You must assign the disk with enough space to keep the QVMS in it, better to be higher than the required space. You can click on the Change button to choose the folder destination and hit Next to proceed.

Krestel Viewer for PC

Step 3: You need to check out the previously made selections, click on the Next button.

Krestel Viewer for PC

Step 4: Wait, until you see the installation bar gets completed. Keep patience, don’t click on the cancel option.

Krestel Viewer for PC

Step 5: Once your Windows will show you the client successful installation notice, click on the Finish button.

Krestel Viewer for PC


Remember the shortcut you created! Visit the desktop and double-click on the shortcut button to launch QVMS for PC. At the first step, you will be redirected to the Login page of the Client. Now you have to enter the default username as “admin” and leave the password field blank. After entering detail, click on the Login button to get to the home interface of the Client.

Krestel Viewer for PC


1. Click on the Device Manager tab from the Control Panel of the VMS.

Krestel Viewer for PC

2. Now click on the Manual Add button.

Krestel Viewer for PC

3. Enter the required details to connect the preferred devices.

Main View

1. Navigate back to the Control Panel.

Krestel Viewer for PC

  • Click on the Main View tab.

Krestel Viewer for PC

2. Here are the live video feeds of each camera, open any angle you want to monitor.

Alternative method

This task is impossible without the involvement of Android Emulators. Such software is the one that lets us download those Android Apps whose PC version is not developed just like Krestel Viewer for PC. Due to the Android Emulation PC users can use mobile Applications.

Installation of Krestel Viewer on Windows is a pretty straightforward procedure. First, Download BlueStacks, and second, install it on Windows Laptop/Desktop whatever you are using. Afterward, you will be able to install Android Krestel Viewer through Android Emulator.

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