Download and Install Zapya for PC, Laptop -Windows

After Shareit no other app can better justify file transferring better than Zapya. After the release of Zapya people got rid of all Shareit Drawbacks. It is the complete file transferring source where users can transfer all type of files without limits. A versatile platform which supports multiple platforms, so users can share files on cross platforms. Currently, users can get Zapya for PC, Windows, Android & iOS officially.

Zapya for PC

File transfers apps are necessary because communication applications are not enough for this purpose. They impose file size limitations and downgrades video, image quality. Recently we have mentioned many brilliant file transfer apps. You can also check any of these, they are the best Alternative to Zapya.

Zapya for PC Download:

Name Zapya
Supported OSs Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows NT, macOS
Zapya for Windows Requirements Windows7/8/10
Zapya for Android: Android 4.1 +
Author Dew Mobile Inc.
File Size: Varies with device

Download Zapya for PC Windows Download Zapya for PC Windows

How to Download and Install Zapya for Windows PC:

To be honest, we don’t need any Android emulators to install Zapya for PC. Zapya is officially available on Windows and other supported devices. This method enables users to download and install Zapya for PC, Windows Laptop, Windows Mobile. Moreover, users can also download Zapya for Mac through this method. Get Zapya for PC through Windows Store.

Time needed: Less than 3 minutes

1: Open Browser on your Windows PC. Google Chrome is our preference. Visit the Zapya official site to download Zapya for PC or you can click on the Download Zapya for PC Windows Button.

2: File size is limited no so much huge. Still, if you want to improve download speed and security use Proxynel VPN app. It will improve speed infact 4 times faster than normal and will also secure your download.

3: Once you downloaded Zapya on Windows you have to install it on PC. In the next step, run the setup.exe file to install Zapya, choose your preferred installer.

4: Select the folder where you want to keep Zapya Software. Zapya will automatically create its shortcut on Desktop.

5: Open Zapya from Desktop and share or received any file which you want without any limitations.

Zapya Features:

Here are the features of Zapya and reasons why we are preferring Zapya over other File transferring apps. This is off topic, we are just mentioning for users satisfaction. What users can expect from Zapya, read and examine.

  • Zapya doesn’t impose file size limitations like communication giants WhatsApp and Messenger. From KBs to MBs, from MBs to GBs anything is possible to transfer from Windows to smartphone and vice versa.
  • Videos and images quality will be maintained will be maintained during transfer. The receiver will receive the file as it is sent from the sender.
  • It will not take enough time for transferring GBs of data. Zapya offers the minimum speed of 15mbs.
  • Multiple platforms support make users able┬áto share files across multiple platforms.
  • For group sharing Zapya includes QR code technology. Now pairing the device to share files is so easy, just a simple scanning, not slow like Bluetooth.
  • Zapya Supports videos, images, documents, PDFs, third-party apps, stock apps, APK files to transfer from one device to another device.
  • Upto 4 devices can be paired with each other to transfer data. Just on one tap users can transfer data to other 3 devices.

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