Yacine TV for PC Download – Free on Windows 11/Mac

Download Yacine TV for PC and enjoy unlimited entertainment for free. The Yacine TV is an Arabic Entertainment app originally but also features a lot of international tv shows and free movies. This app is only available on Android devices but not available on Google Play, you can only download Yacine TV APK to use this app. Online Entertainment on the Web or App only suits on the big screen. There is a reason why the quantity of Netflix on Laptop and TVs are more than Netflix on tablets and phones. People love watching the content on big screens and to be honest, we feel the same.

What is Yacine TV?

Yacine TV is free entertainment apps that bring a lot of movies and a lot of entertainment shows for free. Premilary and permanently will only be available on an Android Device. The trend on this app is more of a TV Channel and Sports as compared to cinematography although a large amount of movie collection is available.

Yacine TV for PC

When you open the Home main categories, it will show a number of channels like BEIN Sports in three different qualities. In others categories, you will see Arabic Channels, OSN Channels, MBC Channels, France Channels, Kids Channels. You may notice that the majority of the content on this app will be Arabic and French, Yes! You are right.

All of the content on the app is free. We are not sure about the legal status of the app whether it is providing the content after acquiring copyrights or not. After a lot of searches, we are failed to find any authentic source that confirms the legal status of the app. So, we don’t want to promote this app.

Important Notice: We are not affiliated with Yacine TV neither with the app nor with the developers. Pclicious doesn’t support any of the illegal/copyrights violated content on this app and recommends our users the same.

Pros of the App

Strong Compaibility Game

There is no doubt that an app with single platform compatibility is not enough. But, if the app of software is only for Android it means it is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices indirectly. So, we think that Yacine TV is quite brilliant in the compatibility department. You can install and use Yacine TV on PC (Android Emulators), Android TV, Android phones/tablets, etc.

User Interface

The interface of the Yacine TV is more like a home grocery list. Just a simple sequence of categories with a red theme and white background. Just a simplicity of the interface is best for the new users, that’s why it is best for the newcomers. Don’t need any special manual to understand the app.

Cons of the App

The app is not so stable!

We have some serious concerns about the App stability issues. It frequently crashes, getting closed itself after a few minutes. Most importantly when we stream some content on the app the video quality keeps downgrading and upgrading regardless of our command. The developers need to work on it they can use a lot of users due to this issue.

Black Screen Of Death

This app is affecting the overall performance of the device on which you are using it. If the app is running in the background we noticed that our phone starts hanging or lagging. I think the app is leaving too many caches on our device. On my Android phone, I need to clear phone caches after every 4 to 5 hours although I have 8GB RAM on my phone.

So, that was the complete and brief introduction of the app and its features. Now we will guide you on how to install Yacine TV for PC, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Mac computers.

Yacine TV for PC

How to Download Yacine TV for PC

As we already told that only Android smartphone users can enjoy this app officially. There is no official version of Yacine TV for PC, Laptops are operated on Windows and Mac. Sensible software and app users always prefer PC systems over mobiles to use apps. We thought that they also want to use Yacine TV on PC. If you download Android Emualtor you can install any Android app or game on PC.


  • The operator must be an Administer on computer.
  • Minimum 4GB of RAM (2GB only for emulator).
  • 4GB storage for the software and its apps/games data.
  • Direct X 9.0 or higher installed.
  • PC’s graphics drivers should be updated

Steps to Install Yacine TV for Windows and Mac:

1• After downloading the emulator you need to extract the files. After extraction, users need to install emualtor on PC which may take 10 to 15 minutes depending on your device capacity and internet connection strength. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the emulator ready to use.

Yacine TV for PC

2• Download Yacine TV APK on PC. Drag and drop the APK file into BlueStacks and let it install completely.

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