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VidStatus has known as the best companion app for 2 apps, one is WhatsApp, and the other is SnackVideo. This app is a status saver for social, communication, and video sharing apps. Well, downloading videos from platforms today is not a big deal. But when it comes to saving statuses or downloading users’ stories from social apps, it is a bit difficult. Stories and statuses don’t have a URL. So you can’t take benefit of the URL authenticating and video downloading an app. VidStatus is one of those few apps that will let us save Status and stories with ease.

Even users can download statuses and stories of those accounts which are private. The VidStatus app is available on Android and iOS. And, we will bring this app on the computer to download the same stuff using the same app on the computer.

(VidStatus for PC!) Cross Platforming and Android Emulators – First Step

In technology, cross-platforming refers to using a program or software of one operating system on the other operating systems. This means if the user installs and uses an app or program on an operating system that is non-dedicated. Android Emulators are the best example of Cross Platforming. Such software lets users install and use Android apps and games on non-dedicated platforms like Windows and MacOS.

VidStatus for PC

In Android Emulators selection, you have got many options like Genymotion, LD Player, Tencent Gameloop, BlueStacks, and Nox App Player. If you want our recommendation then our vote goes for BlueStacks and Nox App Player. Recently we wrote about the latest version of BlueStacks 5 Offline installers for Windows and macOS, viewers must visit it. Guide to install Nox App Player on Windows PC and Mac is also already drafted.

Second Step – Installation, Configuration, and Registration

  1. Double click on the BlueStacks/Nox EXE file. Allow the software to make changes in your computer by clicking on the “Yes”. Follow the on-screen instructions and it will lead users to the BlueStacks/Nox home screen.
  2. To activate the Google Play Services on BlueStacks, users need to enter their Google Account. Open the Google Play App on Emulator, enter your account, it’s a one-time process.

In case, a user doesn’t have a Google Account, he/she can directly create a new account from the BlueStacks or Nox App Player. After all these formalities, you will be ready to use VidStatus for PC.

Final Step – VidStatus App Download for PC

Visit the Google Play Store on an emulator, type the VidStatus name, and hit enter. Click on the Install button and get VidStatus for PC Download. The user is ready to use the app and show the world what he got.

What is VidStatus?

Maybe you will be amazed by the fact that VidStatus is not just a Status saver! This app’s premilary function is the story/status making and editing. Yes! VidStatus is basically a video maker and editor app. It let the user make stories and status by using media content from the phone. Just like you usually use other apps to make a slideshow of you or your friend or group. It brings all equipment to let users make the best status and stories for their social profiles.

Try the VidStatus app to make status for WhatsApp as it is brilliant in this field. May you all are aware of SnackVideo, the new viral app due to a hell of promotion and advertisement! VidStatus for PC also lets users download videos from SnackVideo, in fact, most people are using it for SnackVideo instead of WhatsApp.

Is VidStatus a Chinese app?

Yes! if you are talking about the origin then this app is Chinese. The headquarter of development is located in Hangzhou, China, QuVideo Technologies. But the app was developed for Indians, in fact in 15 Indian languages. Due to the recent conflict between China and India, this app is banned in the state now.

Which is the best status Video app?

It depends on which sense you are asking this question. If you are asking about the best Video status-making app then there are many other apps better than VidStatus. And, if you asking about the best Status saving app then VidStatus is surely one of them.

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