Top 7 Movie Streaming Apps for Android Phones in 2021

We are presenting you the list of the top 7 best Movie Apps for Android. Entertainment is a thing that everyone loves except isolated persons. And, if the entertainment comes for free no one will leave it.

Android Movie Apps are countless. Some are discontinued, some are ongoing and some new developments are coming. Even you can find a lot of apps on Google Play that offers free streaming. So, Android users get ready to try these free Movie Apps and enjoy your Lockdown.

2021 Top 7 Movie Apps for Android

Here, is the list of best Movie Apps for Android which you should try in 2021. Some of the apps are official and paid, you have to subscribe to their services to watch movies and shows. Then some apps are free, absolutely free of cost.

Netflix – The Biggest Media Entertainment Online

There is no doubt that Netflix will remain the best movie app for Android and iPhone in the whole 21st century. Netflix is one of the biggest online media companies. They are not just the content providers but also the content creators. Netflix is famous for the Seasons like Stranger Things, The Crown, Orange Is the New Black, The Politician, House of Cards, etc.

best Movie Apps for Android

Fun Fact: The Netflix default tune was taken from the House of Cards scene when the person knocks on the table.

Netflix is the paid streaming services, it offers monthly subscriptions from

  1. Basic $8.99
  2. Standard $13.99
  3. Premium $17.99

Netflix doesn’t have the direct downloading feature. But, users can save videos offline that will remain inside the app. Users can watch those movies or episodes without an internet connection later.

Cinema HD – The Netflix of Misers

We are ranking Cinema HD at the second position in the list of best Android Movie Apps. Unlike Netflix, Cinema HD is a free movie app on Android. It is only available on Android and users can install Cinema HD for PC through emulators.

best Movie Apps for Android

All of the content available on the Cinema HD app is free. Here, users can watch the Vintage, Classic, All time hits, and new superhit movies. Simple and categorical home many, every movie is included in the respective genre. See the latest arrivals at the homepage or explore the genre to find your favorite movie.

App features a powerful video player, that offers onscreen controls. You can control brightness and volume just on tap and drag. One more thing, users can download movies from Cinema HD on their Android devices.

  • Download Cinema HD for PC
  • To Download Cinema HD APK on Android visit

Sony Crackle – By the Entertainment Legends

I don’t think the name of Sony needs an introduction. The legend of the entertainment industry since the previous century. They are not just a good electronic manufacturer but also a quality content producer.

best Movie Apps for Android

Like Netflix, Sony Crackle is also a subscription-based streaming service. Users can install this app on Android phones but the already subscribers used it on TV Mostly. Large library of movies from Sony and Partner production houses. Obviously, this app will include all the Sony productions to date.

If anyone wants to see content on Sony Crackle for free they have to watch commercials. And, if someone doesn’t like ads, he or she needs to pay for removing ads from the app.

MovieBox HD – Watch Free Movies

After the Showbox and Megabox if someone has set the trend of free streaming then that is Moviebox HD. This app is discontinued now, there is no major update in the app for 2 years. Still, the app is working fine. Users, need to find an old version of MovieBox HD APK from the web. Easily available at the various apk providers and alternative App stores.

best Movie Apps for Android

A hell collection of movies, shows, and animations also. App still updates the latest movies and episodes although the app is an orphan now. The app developers stopped working on it. Users can watch the movies in HD quality, available qualities are from 144P to 720P. Also, there is a download option to watch the movies offline.

Download MovieBox HD

To Download MovieBox APK on Android visit

Tubi TV

This app is the most unique app on this list. Have you ever heard that someone is paying for content and provide the viewers for free! Not a minor amount, approximately Tubi TV spends more than 100 million dollars per year to buy content with copyrights. Oth the second end, viewers watch the show or movie on Tubi TV for free. Sounds strange! but exciting.

best Movie Apps for Android

The loving part of the app is that it brings unseen content from the past and present. Those productions didn’t go viral at their time but they worth a lot. Such content is watchable on Tubi TV.

I was using this app personally. On my recommendation, install this app and must watch the Jack Hunter series. That movie series is based on the popular treasure hunting novel.

Vidman – The best movie app for Android 2021

Vidman is the latest arrival in the list of best Movie Apps on Android. This app is the Showbox of this decade. This app is a bit technical for using, because it’s not like other apps, simply install and use it. Vidman is available in limited regions. The app is available on Google Play. If someone installs it on Android from Google Play, it is just a jigsaw puzzle game.

That’s the biggest confusion of people, Either Vidman a jigsaw puzzle game, or a free movie app. Well, the answer is both, it is a game and yet free movie app. If you connect the VPN and then use Vidman, it will be a free movie app for Android. Otherwise, without a VPN it is just a puzzle game.

It is the most complete and powerful movie app after Netflix. Seasons, Movies, Shows, Books what this app doesn’t have? Watch movies in HD, Full HD, UHD qualities on Vidman for PC easily. Try this app on our suggestion and you will surely love it.

Disney App: Heaven of Action Figures!

Marvel, Disney, Warner Bros, DC! Sounds like excitement! nonstop entertainment, action, adventure, mystery. That’s what you all are going to find on the Disney app. The disney+ app was launched in 2020 and has taken the world by storm. It’s less than a year and this app has over 10 million downloads already.

This app includes famous superheroes movies like Superman, Batman, Justice league all parts, Avengers all movies, and much more. Animation lovers can watch movies like Frozen and much more.

This app is useable against a paid subscription. It costs users 7$ a month minimum. This cost may be expensive for one user. But, users can use it on 4 devices maximum. It means 4 users can share the cost of 1 disney+ subscription.

Download Disney+ for Android

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