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Psiphon is one of the best virtual private networks. It is known to be famous for its extra encryption protocols. While using this app, users are allowed to hide their online identities without falling into any sort of traps. Such a process is done with the help of proxy servers. They help you hide your online identity by connecting you with a fake IP. So no online hacker or bully could trace your online footsteps. Now you can see, why we are telling you to get Psiphon for PC on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

You can always try to stay private as well as access whatever you want. Visit websites or social media apps that are blocked by your local ISP. Set all the third-party users into a charade by never letting them locate your real IP address. Surf the internet like you own it without getting spotted. Though, it works best for both students & office workers. Because they know many people are monitoring their online activities. But with Psiphon for Windows, they can just do whatever they want without getting a spotlight.

Why Psiphon is Essential for Every Internet User?

While surfing the internet, users visit different websites using web browsers. Most users prefer using fast web browsers and use them just because they have something unique from other apps. They don’t even consider using a secure app and then blame their ISP agents for not protecting them from cybercrimes. Point being here is that every web site uses cookies and other sorts of additionals codes. So Psiphon here helps you get rid of risks that could hurt your online privacy & security.

Most of all, whenever some app’s process is consuming a lot of data, the program notifies you instantly. Yes just like an Antivirus, you will be able to encounter all the insecurities on your device as well as the internet. This software will tell you all about what’s bothering it and what’s causing your internet speed to slow down. So, you can disable the background process by yourself by navigating to the task manager on Windows.

Is Psiphon Legal & Free?

Psiphon is developed for the security of an internet user. So it’s true you are not doing anything illegal by using Psiphon on PC. But it also depends if you are not using it for anything illegal. If you are surfing the internet without breaking any laws, you are allowed to use it. Else, it’s services are free to access. Yes, it is very hard to find a free VPN for Windows, but also, your search ends with this app.

Psiphon For Windows – Details

File NamePsiphon3.exe
Supported OSWindows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista (64 bit/ 32 bit)

Psiphon For PC

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Psiphon For Windows Psiphon For Laptop

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