PCmover Professional for PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP]

We can’t stick to a computer for our entire life. At some point, we need to shift to an upgraded PC. But not everyone’s ok with changes. So whenever they think of changing a device, they first want to know what would happen with the saved data & programs on their device. For such users, they can stop worrying about shifting software and media files from one device to another. Because now they can decide to have PCmover Professional for PC to work by their side. This software is specifically developed for users who want to shift all the Windows programs, system configurations & data stored, from one device to another.

What is Laplink PCmover Professional?

Laplink PCmover Professional is the only reason why people can now move data from one device to another with ease. It helps users to shift all of the saved data from one Windows PC to another. All you have to do is install the software first on your old computer, from where you want to create a backup. Afterward, let PCmover create a backup file in peace. When done, install the same software on your new PC. Now let PCmover Professional do the job for you.

Does PCmover Move Windows Applications?

Yes, PCmover Professional can be trusted to move applications and their files from one device to the other. Not just applications, but you can trust this software for moving all sorts of system drivers, user accounts, profiles and every system detail you want to. Either you can select all the data & system configuration settings or just select the ones you only want in your other devices.

Is PCmover Professional Free?

No, PCmover Professional is not free but gives a free trial of seven days. If you think it’s worth paying for, you can buy the premium services for $59.95. However, you can buy the product from the official LapLink website.

Can PCmover Professional Be Used More Than Once?

Yes, you can use PCmover Professional on two computers whenever you want to. It allows a user to access the same services on the two registered devices. A great thing about this software is that it is recommended by the owners of Windows OS.

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