League of Legends Won’t open, What to Do?

League of Legends is the famous Multiplayer online Battle Arena Games. it was launched 12 years ago in 2009. In such a long duration this game maintain the fanbase, the stability of game. With time the developers stylize this game better and better. They still manage to change the game according to the modern era everytime. This game has exactly the same fanbase like the DOTA, Tekken, GTA and Call of Duty have. Fans are loyal to this game.

Apart from all the praises there is a annoying fact about this game. There are alot of errors occur in it. Mostly network connection errors and server errors but these are the internal games error which are easy to fix through update or Downgrade. What if the game is not opening! how will you fix the League of Legends Won’t open error?

How to Fix League of Legends won’t open?

Try these solutions step by step because every solution is more potentional than the previous one. So, continue to the sequence we guided.

Run the Executeable File

If you are trying to open the game through the shortcut on desktop than leave it. Maybe the shortcut of the game on desktop is corrupted. So, you need to open the main executeable file of league of Legends from the directory.

League of Legends Won't open

  1. Launch the file explorer on your Windows, type File Exporer on you Windows 10 and open it.
  2. Visit the location C:\Riot Games\League of Legends.
  3. You can right-click the .exe file and choose Run as Administrator or directly Double-click LeagueClient.exe and see if LOL can open properly.
  4. If the game can run without any Pronlem that you are facing before, it indicates that the shortcut is corrupted. Delete the old shortcut then, you can create another shortcut and this post.

Disable All Running Processes of League of Legends

Some users who sortout the solution for League of Legends won’t open are saying that it is caused by a few processes that are running in the background and stoping the main game to run. On their suggestion we recommend to stop LOL background processes.

  1. Launch Task Manager on your Windows 10 Computer, Press (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).
  2. Go to the Processes tab, choose League of Legends and click End task.
  3. After the Task Ended, Relaunch the League of Legends one more time to check, either it is working or not. If not! move to the next solution.

Change user.cfg & Delete LeagueClient.exe

This method is a bit technical so, you full attention is required. Sometimes if some error occurs in the user.cfg file, League of Legends won’t open in Windows 10. To fix this issue you need to do modification in the LOL Client.

  1. Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends
  2. Go to \RADS\system.
  3. Right-click the user.cfg file and use Notepad to open it.
  4. Change leagueClientOptIn=yes to leagueClientOptIn=no and save the file.
  5. Open this game again and go to the directory folder to delete the LeagueClient.exe file.
  6. Double-click launcher.exe to run LOL in the install directory. If it is not starting, run launcher.admin.exe.

Game Force Update

That’s a thing which Android smartphone developers can understand easily. Force update is the technique where someone try to udate the software/app or game without the concent of game. It is not an easy thing to do especially for noobs but if you follow our gudie then you can easily force the game to update itself.

  1. Go to the installation directory, navigate to RADS > Projects.
  2. Locate these two folders – league_client and lol_game_client and delete both.
  3. Go to the solutions folder, Locate league_client_sin and lol_game_client.sin and delete both.
  4. Reboot your computer, launch LOL again and it will force the game to update automatically.

Uninstall and Reinstall

That’s the last thing which we can try in any software, app or game related problems. Uninstallation of any app or game will delete all of the game internal data including the files that are causing issue. So if you uninstall league of legends than those files will also be deleted which are causing the game corruption.


Make one thing sure that you are not using the LOL Torrent or pirated version. These version are not official or even if they are surely there are some manipulations in it. Again install the game through Original CD or install it from internet (legal version only). Enjoy the game if the issue occurs again the developers will solve it quickly.

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