Jio Browser for PC, Windows and MacOS – Free Download [Win 10 Laptop/MacOS Computer]

This tutorial is prepared for the users who want to get Jio browser App Download for PC. The guides to install Jio Browser for Windows and Jio Browser for macOS are written individually. Let’s begin the tutorial with “All about the App”.

Jio Browser for PC Another month, Another app by Jio. The browsing game is becoming strong day by day. Browse securely and private through the browser developed by the Jio Platforms Limited. Jio Browser is another app developed by the Reliance industries. The app is launched under their Jio Label. Jio Apps is grown to be the biggest app developer of the whole of India. The famous telecom company of India nailed its flag in the online world too. In recent times, we saw a lot of apps developed by Jio. Almost all apps are highly appreciated like Jio Switch, JioTV, and others. Today, we brought another app designed by the Jio Apps named as JioBrowser.

Why use downloaded Browsers instead of Stock?

Browser is the app that every smartphone user uses for sure. Every smartphone contains a browser app in stock, for example, iOS has Safari, Android has Google Chrome. There are a large number of users who don’t like to use stock browsers because they don’t have many options. Official and stock browsers are very limited in security and privacy. Like they don’t allow to download the videos and audios directly. Also, they don’t have built-in adblockers and VPNs. So to overcome the stock browsers limitations we highly recommend Jio Browser.

What does Jio Browser bring to your PC?

The author used the Jio Browser app before demonstrating this tutorial. For sure, this browser is one of the fastest browsers in the market. Security and privacy measures are also strong as well as appreciatable. Jio Browser is developed by keeping in mind the likeness and disapprovals of Indian Internet users. One of its kind and first browser in India, especially for the Jio Network users.

This browser brings fast and secure internet browsing to users. The app also brings some entertainment stuff and the latest News with it. And, such content will cost you 0$. Your privacy is uncompromisable in eyes of Jio browser app and it will protect it with full strength.

Jio Browser for PC

Browser is lightweight, consumes 27MB only on your device storage. You can directly download and share the files through Jio Browser. Use Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail Web versions for the sharing. Loading, Attaching, Sharing speed is incredible and it takes less time than other browsers.

Let’s move towards the guide section. These guides are demonstrated for the Windows Laptop and MacOS Computer users. Before guide, it’s necessary to understand the Android Emulators concept and why they are must-have for your computer.

Android Emulators

Emulator word is derived from the word Emulation, it means to emulate. In technology, the emulation is attached to the cross platforming. An app or software which is dedicated to a specific operating system only can be emulated on another operating system also. That’s the basic function of Emulator in Technology.

Following the phenomenon, Android Emulators run the Android alike OS on another operating system. The same thing is Google Play Store, which means you can install and use any Android App on cross-platform like Windows and macOS. So to install Jio Browser for PC we must have Android Emulators.

In Android Emulators we have 2 options at the front, either BlueStacks or Nox App Player. Both are extremely good for Windows as well as for macOS too. So we are picking BlueStacks for Windows and Nox App Player for Mac.

Download Nox Download BlueStacks

  1. The first guide lets you install the Jio Browser for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
  2. The second Guide is for macOS users, install the Jio Browser for macOS Mojave 10.14 and Catalina 10.15.

Downloading Jio Browser for Windows

  1. Get BlueStacks from the above button.
  2. Complete the installation setup of BlueStacks.
  3. Click on the Google Play and activate your Google Account by entering Credentials.
  4. Once the account is activated, search for the Jio Browser.
  5. Click on the install button, just like you do it on Android.
  6. Congratulations! Your Android App Jio Browser is ready to use on the computer.

Jio Browser Download on macOS

  • Download Android Emulator┬áNox App Player on macOS.
  • After downloading the .exe file of the emulator. Install it.
  • Once it gets installed, Open Nox App Player.
  • From the main screen of the player click on Google Folder and select PlayStore.
  • Log in to PlayStore using your Google Account.
  • Now search Jio Browser on PlayStore.
  • Select the app from search results and click on the Install button.

Jio Browser Additional Features:

  • Multiple Languages

A variety of Languages are included in Browser, choose the one that you can understand easily.

  • News Update

One of the fastest News algorithms! Visit the News Section to be aware of the world matters at any time.

  • Cricket Scorecard and News

As the app is Indian the browser is incomplete without Cricket matters. The app updates the scoreboard of live matches.

  • Quick Access

Automatically adds the most visited websites and pages on your Browser home for quick access.

  • QR Code Scanner built-in

Now Jio Browser features the QR Code scanner in default. Scan the Products and check the details on the browser.

  • Pop-up Window

You can use the Browser in pop-up windows if you want to use another app alongside.

  • Voice Command

The browser also supports the voice command, so you don’t need to type the queries and keywords.


The app is developed for the Android smartphones and tablets. Using the aforementioned procedure anyone can install Jio Browser for PC Windows and Mac. We also have alternative options that are far popular than the Jio Browser. UC Browser Turbo for PC, UPX Browser for PC, Tor Browser For PC, Samsung Internet Browser for PC, Kiwi Browser for PC, and many other Android Browsers for PC tutorials are already posted on Droidspc. Now the choice is yours. I think UC Browser and Opera are better options.

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