Free Download Kiwi Browser for PC (Windows XP/7/8/10 – Mac)

Download and Install Kiwi Browser for PC (Windows & Mac). Everything on the internet is accessed through a Web Browser App. If you are looking for the best web browser app for your Smartphones/PC or you are not satisfied with the default web browser of your device. Then try Kiwi Browser. This application is available to download for free on the Android device. But here we will tell you more. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to download Kiwi Browser for PC and use it on Windows and Mac OS. But first, let’s have an overview of the application.Kiwi Browser for PC

Kiwi Browser App Review

Kiwi Browser is based on the Webkit and Chromium. These are the open-source projects for Safari and Google Chrome Browser. With the help of Kiwi Browser, you can search and load anything on the internet with fast speed. It comes with an optimized rendering engine, so in result, it will display web result faster as compared to other browser apps. Just like other browsing apps, it includes all basic features such as Bookmarks, History, Save Username/Password, Built-in Video/Audio Player, and much more.

Furthermore, Kiwi Browser includes a powerful ad blocker that removes most of the intrusive ads. To enable Adblocker you need to Go to Settings and enable ad blocker. You can use any extension of your choice. This browser app blocks all pop-ups ads as well. That is why it becomes different from other browser apps. Kiwi Browser protects Cryptojacking. It means it blocks hackers to use your device to mine the cryptocurrency. Other than that it includes nigh mode and customization for Downloads folder.

⇒ Pros

  • Fast and Incredible page load speed.
  • Remove all annoying ads from websites.
  • Includes built-in video and audio player.
  • Play Any Video or Audio File.
  • Use Facebook and Instagram without installing the app.

⇒ Cons

  • Not includes customizing options.
  • Slowdowns the speed while VPN is connected.
  • Include Limited Add-ons.

Kiwi Browser for PC

Kiwi Browser FAQ’s

Below you can see frequently asked questions on Kiwi Browser.

⇒ Which is the best browser for PC?

There are many browser apps for PC. Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox are best among all. If you are looking for Android Browser apps on PC then we suggest Puffin Web Browser for PC and Me Browser for PC. Just like these two apps you can use Kiwi Browser for PC as well. These apps are good in terms of speed, data saving, and user-friendly interface.

⇒ What is a good browser?

What is the definition of a good browser? In My opinion, the good browser is one which let users access the world of internet fastly and securely. A good browser should be strong enough to block malware and viruses while using the internet. Moreover, the browser should include an option of adding Add-ons. In short, it gives ease to users while doing anything online.

⇒ What browser has the fastest download speed?

A browser which comes with built-in download manager has a fast speed. Fast Download Speed also depends upon the speed of the internet. If the speed of your internet is fast then you will get the fast downloading speed and vice versa. If your device is connected to Virtual Private Network then downloading speed will slow down. VPN’s often reduce the browsing and downloading speed of the internet.

How to Download Kiwi Browser for PC (Windows and MacOS)

Kiwi Browser is an Android App. In order to download Kiwi Browser for PC, you need to download and run the setup of Android Emulator on your PC. As Android Emulator includes Google and PlayStore Services. So you can easily download Kiwi Browser on PC. Android Emulator can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS. It means you can download Kiwi Browser for Mac and Kiwi Browser for Windows 10, 8, 7.

Kiwi Browser on PC

Steps to Install Kiwi Browser on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

  1. Download and Install BlueStacks on PC.
  2. Once installed, Open it.
  3. Enter the required details in order to activate BlueStacks.
  4. Now you will see the main home screen of the emulator.
  5. From here you need to click on My Apps Tab, Open Systems Apps and then select PlayStore.
  6. In PlayStore, Search Kiwi Browser and then select the app from the results.
  7. Click on Install button and then Accept its installation.

After complete installation, Click on Open button and start using Kiwi Browser on Windows and MacOS.

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