VN Video Editor (VlogNow) for PC – Free Download [Win10/Mac11]

VN video Editor for PC In every career, in every professional journey, you have to make a decision and start from some point. In every startup, you need some tool or equipment either physical or virtual. And, when it comes to Vlogging Career which is the new money-making source for the existing generation, we need a concept, camera, and software. Well, cameras and professional photo editing software are quite expensive. People who are already earning should expense on this equipment but the startups don’t need to.

A smartphone is enough to start your Vlog Journey and career. If you are thinking about how you will edit videos than VN Video Editor will be enough. This app is heaven for startups. Against a minor cost and even free of cost, this app lets users create a beautiful complete Vlog that will be ready to upload.

What is VN Video Editor?

VN Video Editor was dedicated to Vlogging startups since the development. This app was launched to help the Vloggers who just stepped into the field. Well, a fully professional Vlogging kit can cost users a lot maybe 3000$ or more that. Not everyone needs to do such an expense at the start. A good smartphone with a good camera for capturing and an app like VN Video Editor VlogNow will be enough. Now, you are ready to start your Vlogging career.

Social Sharing

Well, Vlogging is not just related to YouTube, there is a hell of social platforms now. Many of them offer you a proper source for earning. That’s why the VN Videos Editor app focuses on video editing for other platforms too rather than only YouTube. Users can edit, crop, filter, and much more stuff on their videos and upload it on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter.

By the way, a large number of users use the VN Video Editor VlogNow app for creating TikTok Videos even though this app is not made for that.

Advancements and Alignments

Well, you have seen the sudden effects on many videos, like a sudden transition, sudden Zoom-in/Zoom-out, etc. Users can do all the same things like mentioned through VlogNow for PC.

VN video Editor for PC

What more! You just need a tap to split, drag, delete and duplicate video clips. Editing is pausable, whenever you need a break! Take your time comfortably. The VN Video Editor will save the changes automatically.

Not all functions are semi-professional, some of these are damn professional too. For example, users can experiment with features like Multi-layer timeline, Curve speed, Green Screen/Chroma key, Keyframe Animation, Mask, Support for Project sharing.

How to Download VN Video Editor (VlogNow) for PC

An Android emulator is a must here. The VN Video Editor is available for Android only, neither iOS nor Windows, or macOS. Obviously, we need a middle-man software known as Android Emulators. Such software will let you operate Android apps on a PC including VN Video Editor for PC.

When it comes to Android emulators nobody does it better than the BlueStacks and Nox. These two are holding the status of legends, they brought the revolution in the operating systems industry. For the first time, users were able to run 2 operating systems on each device at a time. Windows and macOS users have the privilege to get the BlueStacks and Nox for free anytime they want.

By the way, we already explained how to download and install BlueStacks and Nox App Player on PC. Here are the links to guides.

Installing VN Video Editor VlogNow for PC (Windows/Mac)

VN Video Editor APK can be installed only on Android by default. To run Android apps such as the VN Video Editor app on Windows, Mac, or other cross platforms we need to emulate it. For emulating the VN Video Editor app for PC we required an Android emulator like BlueStacks, Nox, or Memu. Actually, these emulators are self-tested and we conclude these as the best Android emulators for Windows and Mac. BlueStacks is our first choice to download the VN Video Editor app for PC, VN Video Editor App for Windows. and VN Video Editor App for Mac.

Time Needed: 20 Min (If your internet connection provides enough speed).

1) After downloading BlueStacks, you need to run the BlueStacks Setup.exe file for installation. Allow the BlueStacks to make changes to your computer.

2) After the installation of the emulator, complete the requirements. The emulator will guide the user itself.

Download VN Video Editor APK from any trustworthy APK providers like or Don’t need to open browsers and search for App APKs, directly download the uptodown for PC

3) Once registration gets completed, your PC will redirect you to the BlueStacks home screen.

  • Click on the BlueStacks APK installer select the file from the folder.
  • Or. drag and drop the downloaded VN Video Editor App Apk file to BlueStacks.

4) Click on the Install option and wait for the completion of the installation.


Answers to the frequently asked questions about the VN Video Editor for PC.

Is VN Video Editor available for PC?

The whole tutorial is the answer to this question. As we don’t get any official version of VN Video Editor for PC, we used an alternative procedure to install VN video Editor VlogNow for PC.

Is VN Video Editor free?

Every good thing never comes for free, so as the VlogNow App. Surely, you can download VN Video Editor and use the basic features for free. But some well-needed and high ends features of the app are behind the paywalls.

Is VN Video Editor good?

Just Good? It is brilliant. I mean this app is a massive blow for Vlogging beginners. Things that cost a piece of expensive equipment and graphic editor, this app can do that all for free. Users can save almost all costs.

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