Download Poweramp Music Player for PC, Windows 10/macOS Big Sur & Previous versions

Poweramp Music Player for PC Download We brought a tweak through which you can download the Poweramp Music Player for PC without any hurdle and without any paywall. Get one of the most powerful music player ever designed right on your computer. Poweramp Music Player is the next level music player designed for Android. This can bring a lot of benefits to computer users. As you know that professional music players for Windows that also allows editing are very expensive. Poweramp Music Player can save a lot of expense but its subscription is too cheap, the cost is near to nothing.

We will write down the review of Poweramp Music Player in detail at first. After that, we will bring the tweak that lets you download Poweramp Music Player for PC. If anyone wants to avoid the app content and features explanation section then directly navigate to the procedure mentioned below. By the way, the guide is written for Windows and MacOS users. As the technique is only applicable for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.15 Catalina, and macOS 11 Big Sur.

App Description – Poweramp Music Player

As we already told you that app is really powerful this is not a normal music player like the Android stock one. If you are a hardcore music lover like thousands of songs in your personal collection you need the Poweramp Music Player. It is not a new infact near to hit the 100 million downloads benchmark and the app will surely achieve it soon.

Poweramp Music Player for PC Download

Like most of the apps that offer the free and premium version the Poweramp Music Player offers the same. There are a free version and premium versions. Don’t worry the app will let you try the app before subscription payment as it offers a free trial. After the trial, you need to pay $3 for further usage. Well! just 3$! that’s even less than a lunch expense in school. By the way, if you just want to listen to music, the free version is enough for you.

First impression

When users successfully launched software and launch it for the first time, the main home appears. So the first impression means the interface must be efficient. Poweramp Music Player totally got this ability. Its powerful interface really wonders the users such a complicated algorithm at the back end looks really simple and easy to command at the front face.

The default theme is dark but you can change it. Most of the people love the dark theme and it makes the app look sicker! absolute stunner!


If you are addicted to upload song statues or share them with your social media friends then Poweramp Music Player shares the same taste with you. It let you share music on social media. Users can set their Instagram, Facebook stories from Poweramp Music Player any song or more than one! Whatever you want. Surely users will love your creative music videos.

Power of Formats

You know that media files presented in a lot of formats same go for the Audio Genre. There are many audio formats maybe you are aware of.

For example, plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, WV, tta, mpc, AIFF; V3 also plays opus, dsd (dff/dsf), mka, tak, flv (audio). Poweramp Music Player supports all of these formats and lets you play all without any hurdles. Stock music players hardly support 2 or 3 formats not more than that.

Poweramp Music Player for PC – downloading Procedure

As we mentioned earlier that app is designed for Android smartphones and tablets only and we have tweaked it as an alternative. This is the tweak we were talking about, it is Android emulation which is performed through Android Emulators.

Poweramp Music Player PC Download

Poweramp Music Player for PC will get on your computer in no time. Only downloading and installation of Emulator will take its time as the file size is a bit heavy. First, look at the requirements to install BlueStacks and proceed further.

  • 8 GB of RAM (Recommended)
  • 30 GB Storage for the Emulator and App Data (Recommended)
  • Windows 10/8/7 and MacOS 10.14/10.15/11.
  • Active Internet Connection
  • An operator must be the Admin.

Installation Steps of Poweramp for PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on PC.
    1. Guide on how to how to install Pre Rooted BlueStacks are already drafted.
  2. Once the installation gets completed, move to the BlueStacks starter pack, you have to follow on-screen instructions
  3. Once you are redirected to the BlueStacks home screen, click on the Google Play app.
  4. In the second step, BlueStacks requires your Google Account. Enter the credentials of your Google Account (Gmail & Password).
  5. Now your BlueStacks is ready to download Poweramp Music Player for Laptop.
  6. Search the term Poweramp Music Player. Click on the Install button.


According to our conclusion, Poweramp Music Player is the best music player ever designed. Especially the transition effects that change with every beat and drop. That is really cool you should check that out. Now it’s your choice either you go for the pro version or not. In our opinion, it’s worth each and every penny of the subscription cost. Or, you want to leave that app and prefer other, the decision is yours.

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