Download Moj App for PC, Windows 11 Laptops and Desktops

Install Moj App for PC through simple guidelines demonstrated by us. This tutorial is all about the Moj app. Why this app is so viral, what it does, what are its features, related FAQs, and most importantly a guide which is our main topic also.

Why Moj App is the new Trend?

Social media video sharing apps are popular all over the world specifically in Asian states. People love to make and share short videos because of the TikTok hype. As most of such application users are Asian specifically in India that’s why Moj App is viral. There is a huge and positive effect of banning TikTok or the apps like SnackVideo, Mx Takatak and Moj.

Indian and attached Asian countries except China are banning TikTok because the administration thinks that they spoil the generation. On the other hand, the video creators think opposite. So, Whenever TikTok and Apps like Moj are banned, we always see a new similar platform. The Moj is the best alternative to TikTok in India and users must try it.

What is Moj App

Moj is the India Origin app but available in almost all countries, ShareChat is behind the development of this new trending app. The concept is similar to TikTok, they just added few makeup and cosmetics to the existing one.

Moj app for PC

Almost more than half of the Ex-Tiktokers are now using the Moj App. Due to international fame many famous non-indian celebrities can also be seen on this app. Probably more than 7 million influencers use this app for earning, products and services promotion, interaction with fans and much more. App has nothing special with it except the availbility. The same thing is repeating again and again which i found a little bit boring. Creating funny video, dubbing, Lip Synchronization etc, Nothing New!

Beauty and dance videos are trending on Moj App. If you have any of these, you can try your luck! Maybe you will go viral.

Download Moj app for PC – Windows and MacOS

Although the method to download Moj for Windows and MacOS is similar we are still writing individual guides. Emulators for both devices are different and it is quite easy for each one to fulfill the requirements of both emulators. They compatible with the basic hardware of the computer, maybe the graphic card will be the only extra thing.

Installing the Moj app on Windows 11

Follow these steps to get Moj Download for PC, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 computers. First Download the BlueStacks Emulator from the official website of the developers or visit our guide to get a rooted version.

Have you downloaded BlueStacks? Start the installation, click on the Install button at BlueStacks Starter pack. Don’t forget to allow the app to make changes to your computer.

Moj app for PC

On BlueStacks home screen, visit the Google Play Store. Enter your existing Google Account credentials to activate the Play Store. It is necessary to make BlueStacks operative, otherwise, you will not be able to install any app including the Moj app for PC.

Download the Moj apk from your Laptop browser. Or you can also click on the below button to get Moj APK Download for PC and Android smartphones also.

After downloading Moj APK, drag and drop the APK into BlueStacks. Click on the Install option when prompt and it will get installed within few minutes.

Moj app for macOS 12,11/10.15/10.14

Click on the Download Nox Button and get the Nox App player download for macOS.

  • Start the Installing procedure of Nox App Player.
  • Complete the installation and Configuration by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Open Google Play, Fill up the essential credentials for the activation of Google Play Services.
  • Download Moj app APK, upload it or Drag the file to the Nox App Player and allow the emulator to install the APK file.
  • Moj app for macOS is ready to use.

Have a look at the Moj app description and features. It will help you better understand about App and its worth.


Get the answers to most frequently asked questions about Moj App for PC availbility and procedures.

Is MOJ available on PC?

No, the Moj app is not available for PC operating systems such as Windows and MacOS. This app is only developed for Smartphones operating system specifically Android and iOS.

How do I download a MOJ app to my computer?

We already wrote the multiple guides above through which users can download MOJ app on their computer. There are 2 guides written to install MOJ for Windows and MOJ for MacOS individually.

Can we use MOJ in laptop?

You can use the MOJ App on Laptop atleast for watching the MOJ videos by others. But, if you want to create the videos, Smartphone will be a better option to got with. You can’t create the video from the Laptop but you can edit it.

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