Download Mario Kart Tour for PC, Windows [Laptop/Desktop], Mac [Macbook Air/pro]

Mario kart Tour for PCAn ultimate tutorial of Mario Kart Tour. Here we will discuss game features, tips, and tricks, controls and guide to download Mario Kart Tour for PC. In the history of digital games, we can’t find more superhit product than Super Mario. The first part was released in 1985 and now it’s 2019, year of another Mario sensation Mario Kart Tour. It’s almost 4 decades which Super Mario has ruled. Fans are not ready to leave this game yet inspite presence of PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Are you ready to see your all-time favorite character in a different style?

Mario Kart Tour is the mixture of Action and Racing game. Refresh your childhood memories with modern fragrance. Nintendo, DeNA Co Ltd are the mastermind behind this latest Mario game. All legendary characters of Mario are back, the first look will reflect the old memories. Despite the game explanation, there are also three guides in this tutorial.

  1. How to activate Frenzy mode in Mario Kart Tour?
  2. How to download Mario kart Tour for Windows 10?
  3. How to download Mario Kart Tour on Mac?

This time the Mario will not run on his feet, the scenario is a little bit different. May you guess from the name the race will be held on adorable karts. All the Mario characters will do race on their karts for victory. It is obvious if there is a race there will be a map. Race maps present the cities and town across the world. Most beautiful things which I liked is that costumes and rides will vary according to the city on the map.

Mario Kart Tour for PC

User-friendly controls are designed for the game, so the beginners don’t find it difficult. Just like mini militia and many other games controls are kept at the bottom of the screen. By this, people who are playing Mario Kart Tour for PC can easily control the game. Usually, swipe controls are easy. So, developers and players both prefer it.

The race is not the only deal here. Like endless running games, you will also get coins and gifs along the way. For example, you will get the football and some hittable items. Players are allowed to throw different items on other players karts to distract them from the race. The collected coins are inventory for you which play major role in upgrading equipment.

Frenzy Mode in Mario Kart Tour

This game is driving the world crazy and within a few days, it made millions of fans. Many wonderful features are in proprietorship of Mario Kart Tour. Among those features, there is a mode known as frenzy mode. This mode is the key reason why this Mario version is breaking all the records. Frenzy mode let users get freedom from all boundries. No limitation, no rules, and regulations your character and kart will become invisible. Also, collectible items will become unlimited.

Activate Frenzy mode

Following are the essentials to activate the Frenzy Mode in Maro Kart Tour.

  • The character must match the track. For example, if you have chosen the Browser Castle map than your driver or glider must be browser.
  • You can see the three items at the top of the game screen. Those three items must be equal and have the same numbers.
  • The quantity varies in the game but as soon the number matched Frenzy mode will activate.
  • The items will become unlimited for a while so grab the bounty as much you can in that time.

Procedure for Downloading Mario Kart Tour for PC (Windows)

First of all, we need to download an emulator. There are plenty of emulators to choose from. Droidspc always bring the best so, we recommend BlueStacks to download Mario Kart Tour on Windows. If you are a mac user and want to get this game on Mac then try Nox App Player. Over the year Nox Player has proved that it is the best Android emulator for Mac. Surely it is a reliable source to play Mario Kart Tour on Mac. As the author is using Windows while preparing this tutorial. We are writing down steps according to the Windows method.

Download and install BlueStacks on PC. Guides on how to how to install Pre Rooted BlueStacks are already drafted. Once the installation gets completed, the emulator will be launched automatically. At the BlueStacks starter pack, you have to complete different formalities. First, you need to select the Language whichever is suitable for you. At the second step, BlueStacks requires your Google Account. Enter the credentials of your Google Account (Gmail & Password).

Now your BlueStacks is ready to download Mario Kart Tour for Laptop. Once you are redirected to BlueStacks home screen, click on the Google Play app. Search the term Mario Kart Tour. Click on Install button. After that, your game will be installed in a while and you can play Mario kart Tour for PC.

Steps to Install Mario Kart Tour for Mac

The procedure for installing Mario Kart Tour on Mac is similar to the above method. You can also use BlueStacks Emulator on Mac. But for better performance, we suggest Nox App Player.

  • Download and Install Nox Android Emulator on Mac.
  • Run Nox on Mac.
  • You will see the main screen of Nox Emulator.
  • From the main screen click on Google Folder and Select PlayStore.
  • Search Mario Kart Tour game in PlayStore and Install it on Mac device.

This is how you can download and install i-Security for PC Windows and Mac OS. If you face any issue while installing Mario Kart Tour on your PC then let us know in comments below. Thanks!

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