Download Color VPN for PC, Windows 10/8 and 7, MacOS 10.15 Catalina – Laptop and MacBook

You should be aware of the internet trackers that track your internet activity. If you are conscious about your privacy concerns than give a change to Color VPN to protect them.

Virtual Private Network also known as VPN are developed to establish a secure connection. With the passage of time, the user’s diverted the main usage of VPN to unblocking from Security and privacy. The actual purpose was securing a business network together over the internet. People have started taking work of unblocking from VPN. Nowadays people choose that VPN is fast in unblocking and offers more servers for free.

Internet users have their own choice, so we just respect their opinions. That’s why we choose the topic of installing Color VPN for PC for today’s publishing. The author is going to prepare a special guide that is written in simple steps. Users need to follow the steps for downloading Color VPN for PC, Color VPN for Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, and Windows 7. By the developer’s side, Color VPN is only for Android, officially available on Google Play and you can also get Color VPN APK.

First, we want to write a product manual that explains the Color VPN. And, app features are also a part of this tutorial. The user’s mind must be clear about VPN app before its installation. Let’s begin!

Why should you use Color VPN?

May you have heard a famous phrase “Every good thing never comes for free”. But, when a good thing comes without any price tag, everyone wants their hands on it. Luckily users have got a brilliant VPN for free after many months. Services are authentic and of high quality which makes this app deserving. Users will love to make this app a part of their smartphone apps family.

Other than its moneyless quality, there is not any special thing in it. I mean, the same number of servers in a free package that other free VPN apps also give you. To unblock the premium servers which are in hundreds, you have to give away a minor amount from your bank account. Unlike the NordVPN for PC, you can’t use Color VPN for PC for professional work.

Interesting Fact: Do you know that Color VPN offers the Bank-Grade Encryption? That is one of the strongest encryption ever. 

Play COD, PUBG, FreeFire, and Others:

People who love to play Battle Royale games in Solo must try Color VPN. Playing on the same servers with the same people is a hell of boredom. Infact people get irritated by the same flavors. If you connect with a server on Color VPN and then play a game, your game server will also get shifted on the targeted location. Every day you can play games against new opponents, that’s quite fun.

Color VPN for PC

Other than the Battle Royale, players can play any game that is online server-based using Color VPN. The connection remains stable and smooth, so your game doesn’t lag. If your  WiFi is messing than you can’t put the game’s disconnection error blame on VPN.

Downloading Color VPN For PC!

Obviously, Unblocking, security, and privacy are the parts of this VPN too. We have already discussed these terms hundred of times. Now we are coming on our main topic, that is what you came for.

Developers of the app have chosen the Android OS for their app. So, Windows and MacOS users are deprived of this free VPN. There is an unofficial way to bring Color VPN on PC, Laptop, and Desktop systems. But first, you have to download Android Emulators.

A bit Explanation on Android Emulators?

In the last days of the 21st century’s first decade, we get awarded the term of emulation. A revolutionary concept that turns out to be OS Game Changer. Emulation is the technological art that lets you use one operating system on other one. The first one was the Android Emulator which makes us able to install and use any Android App/game on PC. BlueStacks is the first one and now we have got near to 50 Android Emulator that works fine.

How to install Color VPN for PC, Windows:

You can choose anyone you like, we are continuing with the BlueStacks. Here are the steps to install Color VPN for PC using BlueStacks.

First of all, You need to download the emulator.


  1. After Downloading, run the setup to start the installation.
  2. Wait until the installation process gets completed.
  3. Open the emulator, it will demand your ID.
  4. Sign in with the existing Google Playstore ID or create a new one.
  5. After signing in, the Android screen will appear in front of you.
  6. There will be a play store icon on it.
  7. Click on it and enter the app name Color VPN, hit enter.
  8. After finding it, open the Color VPN and click on the install button.
      • Once the app installed, launch the app.
      • Tap on the connect button.
      • A secure connection is established.

Install Color VPN on Mac and MacOS X:

The above method can be used on Mac as well. But for best results, we suggest Color VPN on Mac through Nox App Player. Follow these steps to get this app on Mac and Mac OS X.

  • Download and Install Nox App Player on Mac from here.
  • Once Nox App Player installed on Mac. Download the APK file of Color VPN from the link in the above method.
  • Double click on downloaded APK file.
  • Click on Install.
  • After it gets installed, click Open to run Color VPN on Mac.

So, viewers, this was the tutorial that explains Color VPN for PC benefits and installation procedure. We hope you find it useful and if you did? Please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Hassan Mujtaba is an emerging blogger and quality content writer. He loves to share his gaming experience and always suggest the best apps in genres. Moreover, he is also a gadget lover, likes to make tutorials on smartphones and other devices.

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