Top 5 Best Secret Texting Apps for Android in 2021

Data has become the most important asset of this century. Have you ever imagined how social media platforms earn billions of dollars? The answer is data. Except for the authorized platforms, some middle sources also try to snatch data especially the written conversations. This is the thing which we all need to worry about. May the authorized person can’t get the Voice calls data but, written Conversations! it is doubtful.

Recently cyber report comes out that tells “in every 39 seconds a cyber attack occurs”. Even the high-class tech companies found themselves in data breaching! Where does an individual user stand?

Best Apps for Secret Texting

So today we are bringing some sources that are the best for secret conversations. Even the hackers and unsecure sources didn’t try to attack all of these almost.

Top Best Secret Texting Apps for Android

Here is the list of the best secret texting app for Android. The list is prepared after testing the apps personally, user reviews, App ratings, Encryption level, Security measure, and overall performance. Let’s start with the safest social media and communication app of All time.

Snapchat – Best App for Safe Texting

Snapchat is the safest and secure Social media platform in the world. People say the best part of Snapchat is the stories and filters. But, that’s not true the best part of Snapchat is the Chats and Screenshot Notifications. Snapchat is the best for secret texting on Android and iOS both, especially for Android because iOS already have the iMessage. Infact if you are seeing any side girl in presence of your Girlfriend, make sure to use Snapchat for chatting, the main one can’t catch you.

Best Secret Texting App for Android

The good thing about the app is that you can set the privacy. If you want then your message will disappear once the other person reads it. Or, you can set the privacy for 24 hours, once the time period expires all chats of the previous day will be gone. It is surely on top of the best secret Texting App for Android.

Telegram – Secure Chat Servers

Telegram comes in the second position in the list of best secret conversations apps on Android. This app is not just a usual chatting app and it’s not globally famous like Instagram, FB Messenger, and Snapchat, etc. Still, the app got the trust of more than 500 million users, the app got hype when the WhatsApp Controversial update has arrived.

Best Secret Texting Apps for Android

People love it to do the secret texting. This app is not in the eyes of hackers and the fact is Telegram security is damn strong. That will be a mountain to break to mess with the Telegram encryption. So, if you want to do a secret conversation with someone then you can rely on Telegram App.

Discord – Server-based Chat

Maybe many of you are wondering what Discord have to do in the list of best secret texting apps for Android, this app is gamers. Well, Think again, who said that it is only used for gaming. Infact, Discord is now used as a messenger for many social apps that don’t have chat option, infact also for the one which have. Reddit users love to use Discord for a personal chats. Discord became notorious for sharing the leaked data and also that data that is without copyrights. But, it is the people who make such things not the platform.

Best Secret Texting App for Android

We highly recommend that if you want to use an app for secret conversation, try Discord. Alongside the chat, it also offers media sharing and links too. You have to create a server where you can add the person you want some private space with. So, your chat will be secured separately and strongly. It is our third pick on the list of best Secret Texting Apps for Android.

Threema – Best Apps For Secret Texting

Many of you have heard the name of this app for the first time. But, actually, it was the first app that introduced the concept of secret texting. Threema is truly underrated it should be among the all-time best communication apps. Unfortunately, in the shine of Messenger and WhatsApp, this app shine gets diminish.

Threema for PC

Threema is the best way to do your highly private and confidential conversations. These apps secure our conversations with strong encryptions. The best thing is that this app is not known by many people. If your parents or any closed person check your phone, he or she will surely don’t open Threema.

Viber – Best Secret Texting and VoIP App

Viber is now just like a used bullet Shell. Now it belongs to the ancestors like Imo, Skype, etc. Still, there are many people still using it. Due to the drop, hackers and trackers have not interested in Viber anymore. Also, Viber still manages to offer strong security for the encryption of our conversations. There was a time when Viber has more than 1 billion users globally. Now WhatsApp and FB Messenger took all the limelight from the apps like Viber.

To access this one of the apps that hide text messages, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection or even a data plan and you’re good to go. You can also download this encrypted messaging app to make free international calls, send text messages, open various group chats with close friends, etc.

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