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There comes a time when you need to check the vulnerability level of your CPU. Because it’s the main part of your PC, which is also termed as its brain. So you can’t compromise a CPU health, no matter the cost, you still need to keep a routine check on it. But then, not everyone’s a PC geek. What should the beginner users do to keep a check on the vulnerability score of their PC? Should they throw their CPU under the bus and perform operations on it without any stress? To let go of all sorts of worries about the health of a CPU, you can use All CPU Meter for PC. This Windows 10 software helps you know what programs are executing in the background, what apps are heating the CPU and so on.

Key Features of All CPU Meter

Following are basic facilities provided to a user of All CPU Meter for PC:

CPU Heat Level – You know that your computer can’t take it for so long. After the heat level is exceeded, there’s a huge chance that your motherboard to crash. So this software helps you know the exact CPU heat level. To help you stay safe while performing multiple tasks on your PC.

RAM & ROM Usage – Sometimes you get stuck in performing a particular task on a computer. Most of the time, the reason behind a PC’s laggy performance in low RAM support. You don’t know what’s running your PC’s RAM as well as ROM down to the bottom. So All CPU Meter lets you know about a detail of the things consuming all of your RAM & ROM storage.

Notify CPU Crash – A great thing about All CPU Meter is that it lets you know whenever something connected to the CPU crashes down. No matter if it is your processing unit, processor, sound or video card, the software will always notify you of a device’s crash.

A Short History – This software was presented in the early days of September in 2018. The founders of the software are “”.

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