Download Rave Watch Party for PC, Windows 10 and MacOS [Laptop/Desktop]

Download Rave Watch Party for PC if you want to enjoy entertainment with friends and family. This app is a treat to use especially if you are still quarantined due to lockdown. The app is basically a screen-sharing platform, on which you can enjoy Netflix and Chill with friends virtually. We will explain the app features later. First, have a look at the downloading procedure of Rave Watch Party for PC.

Rave Watch Party for PC

The below procedure will lead Windows and macOS users to the installation of Rave for Windows and Mac. This method is applicable for downloading Rave Watch Party for PC Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, and 11 Big Sur. We need the assistance of Android Emulators in accomplishing this task.

Why Android Emulators are important?

Android Emulators are software that emulates Android OS apps on cross platforms such as Windows Laptop, Desktop, and macOS computers. When it comes to Apps Market, the Android Apps are leading from all in volume and quality too. The best thing is the variety of apps that you get in each genre on Android. On the other hand, if we see Microsoft Windows Store then it’s not even a few percent of Google Play Store. You have an example of the Rave Watch Party. Rave app for PC is not available on Microsoft Store. So, People use the Android Emulators to run the Android app Rave Watch Party for PC on Windows and Mac computers.

Best Android Emulators for Windows and macOS

The discussion is quite debatable but only in 2 0r 3 products. When it comes to using the Android app on a PC, BlueStacks and Nox App Player are the best. These 2 are highly recommended by technology experts. Smooth Performance, Stable operation, Latest Android Version, and ease of use make this software the best to use. So it will be a better decision if you choose either BlueStacks or Nox to download Rave Watch Party for PC. Guides to install Android Emulators are already drafted on

Note: The BlueStacks has made a lot of changes in the latest version. Now it is equally good as Tencent GameLoop to play Android games on PC.

How to install Rave Watch Party for PC Windows and macOS

Visit the guide to install the Nox App Player on our website. Download the Nox App Player on your Windows PC from our guide or their official website

Step 1: Emulator Installation

Once users completely downloaded the Nox App Player EXE file, visit the folder where you keep the downloaded files.

  • Double click on the Nox Exe file. Allow the app to make changes on your computer and let the app get installed completely.

Step 2: Account Registration

It is the most important step in Emulator setup and making it ready to use. Once the Nox App Player home screen appears, click on the Google Play icon.

  • Enter Google Account which is already in use means enter the existing one.
  • In Case, you didn’t’ made a Google Account yet, click on Creare a new one and complete the formalities.

Step 3: Install Rave Watch Party File Transfer for PC

The final Step arrives, here users have to install Rave Watch Party for PC and users have 2 ways to do it.

  • You can install Rave Watch Party from Google Play in Nox App Player. Here is the profile of Rave Watch Party on Google Play Store
Rave – Watch Party
Rave – Watch Party
Developer: Rave Inc.
Price: Free
  • Or, You can install Rave Watch Party APK on Nox. Download APK file from any APK provider like apkpure or apkmirror. Drag and Drop the APK file to Nox or manually upload it.

The guide is completed and you have successfully installed the Rave Watch Party File Transfer for PC. You can install any other Android app using the same method.

What is Rave App and What it’s usage?

As we already told you this app lets you stream Netflix and other streaming platforms online with your friends. We will tell you further about Rave App for PC.

This app supports various other platforms. Like you can stream content on YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and much more. Apart from the videos, you can also listen to Audio Songs in the online party. Meanwhile streaming users can chat with the added friends and family members on the same app, which makes the app more fun. Texting and Voice Messages are also free in this app. You can also Upload Movies or Videos to Google Drive and watch them with guys at global movie nights. Your weekends are really going to be interesting.

Own Sound System?

Movie night is incomplete without a good sound system. Don’t worry, no need to buy a sound system. If you and your buddies are sitting together using Rave App, turn up the volume on all phones. Instantly you will get a whole new sound system right at the spot free of cost. Now you can also enjoy the entertainment in Virtual Reality.

Rave Watch Party for PC

Rave DJ

Did you ever think of creating your own Mashup? This app is best for combining your favorite songs into a dram mashup. You just need to pick the random songs from your gallery and the app will mix it for you. The whole mixing will take only a few minutes. Maybe this app helps you to start a new DJ Career.


Here are the frequently asked questions about the Rave Watch Party for PC and Phone. We are going to answer all.

Is Rave available on PC?

No! the answer is simple. The app is only available for smartphones with Android and iOS. Windows and macOS computer can’t install and use Rave Watch Party for PC. Rave PC version is not developed yet. The only way to install and use Rave for PC is through the Android Emulators.

Is the Rave app safe?

Yes! the app is absolutely safe to use. In fact, the app is operated by high-end developers at the back. They make sure their app must be 100% secure and safe. Till now, we didn’t find any bug, glitch, or malware.

Can you watch Netflix on Rave?

Of course, you can watch Netflix on Rave Watch Party for PC in Single and Group too. In fact, not just Netflix, you can do the same with Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney +, and much more.

How do I find friends at a Rave?

Finding friends on Rave is just like Facebook or WhatsApp. You can add friends by tapping the menu icon > Friends. Search your friends’ names to add them. You can send text invites to join Rave through the app, too.

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