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Want a best free proxy browser? Don’t want online hackers to track you over the internet? If yes, then you need to get Ghostery Privacy Browser. This application is made especially for users who never want to compromise their online privacy & security. Remember, you are not using unofficial proxy services but now you using a fully secure web browser to perform your online activities. Therefore, we are going to talk about how to download Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC and Laptop using Windows & Mac OS.

Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC

 What is Ghostery Privacy Browser?

Ghostery Privacy Browser is a security tool available only for internet users. Its main purpose is to help users surf the internet privately & securely. Just like CM security & 360 Security, this app delivers you with the facilities to surf the internet in a safe & sound way. Well, after installing the app, users are provided with a tutorial on how to use Ghostery Privacy Browser. They can also skip the startup guide if they don’t want to see it. However, the tutorial tells you about the features and tools which are available in the app. But the basic purpose of this application is to let users never get tracked by any third-party users.

Is Ghostery Privacy Browser Really Private?

Yes, Ghostery Privacy Browser is private and there is no need for a user to worry about his online privacy. Because all your online activities are encrypted and there is no chance a cybercriminal could find you on the internet. It’s best for individuals who connect their device with Public Wifi(s). Because the publicly available network is vulnerable and you may become a victim of cybercriminal activities.

Is Ghostery Privacy Browser Free To Use?

Cheer up! because you about to get a fully free privacy browser on your device. Ghostery Privacy Browser doesn’t contain any sort of online ads and even in-app purchases. All of its facilities are available for free. A user can make his internet surfing private without emptying his pockets. Still, if you don’t consider downloading Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC, you might need to schedule an appointment for a doctor.

Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC

App Pros:

  • Fully-featured and easy-to-use private browser.
  • Availability of Incognito Mode which is available by the name Ghost Mode.
  • Default ad-blocker.
  • Best for protection from Phishing Attacks.
  • Topmost Anti-malware protection.

Guide To Download & Install Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC and Laptop

There is an official version of Ghostery Privacy Browser For Windows & Mac. Still, we are going to use Android emulators to download Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC. Because the Ghostery PC version is a little expensive and does not provide all of its services for free. So for users are willing to use Ghostery Privacy Browser PC version for free, they can do it by following our guide provided below:

Ghostery Privacy Browser For Windows

#1. Downloading an Android Emulator

There are plenty of Android emulators available in the market. But if you are trying not to fall into the wrong hands, then we are suggesting you to Download BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Both these programs are safe to use and they will not trouble you at all. However, you only need to download one of them. If you want to download Ghostery Privacy Browser For Windows, then BlueStacks is good. But if you are trying to get Ghostery Privacy Browser For Mac, then NoxPlayer is what we suggest for you.

#2. Installing an Android Emulator

After downloading an emulator’s file, its time for you to install it on your Windows PC or iMac. Not to worry, you can install these programs just like every other application’s installation process. Just open the downloaded file and start following the onscreen instructions. In the end, you will be provided with a software to download Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC.

#3. Setting Up BlueStacks or NoxPlayer

When you are done in installing an emulator, you need to set up the emulator. Because without it, you will not be able to download Ghostery Privacy Browser on PC/Laptop. For starters, open the installed emulator and start completing the startup forums. The emulator will ask you to provide your Gmail account credentials and it may also ask you to select a payment plan. No need to pay attention to such forums, just enter your Gmail ID and select an understandable language.

#4. Installing Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC

After following the startup instruction, you will be directed to the home interface of the emulate. Here, you are required to locate and visit the Play Store app inside the emulator. Once there, type Ghostery Privacy Browser in the search bar of Play store and press enter. Now, click once on the install button and accept the installation license. Depending upon your PC’s performance, Ghostery Privacy Browser For PC will be installed in a matter of seconds. After that, you can use all of its services on your Computer.

That’s all, enjoy.

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