Cosmic Showdown for PC Download on Windows-Mac

Cosmic Showdown allows gamers to enter the cosmos in order to clear it from the dark galaxy enemies. Players will be allowed to get a number of tools to help themselves complete different tasks. A variety of units which will help them complete their precious cause to the universe. As gamers will have to face an enormous number of enemies, they need to make tons of strategies in order to be successful.

This game serves as a 2D strategy portal, where gamers can also choose to challenge other gamers. In order to play with the global players, they just need to enter the online game servers, the game will lead them to their righteous path. As for the players who wish to compete with their desired players, they need to make a server of their own and then invite their friends in order to start some real-time action.

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Cosmic Showdown for PC

To win a battle, gamers will have to make strategies. They need to set their battle tools in the right place. As this is a 2D portal, there will be not much space for them to make tons of strategies, this will make their gameplay a little bit challenging for them. But as there will be a number of obstacles in each arena, players can set their right tools on them to make it impossible for the enemies to reach them.

Each player will have a battle unit for himself. These units work as a main war machine for the players. A number of customizations can be made to it but as not all of them will be unlocked at the start, players will have to get all of their features by defeat a number of enemies. Furthermore, each unit comes with its unique ability to strike, so its better if you try all of them.

Download Cosmic Showdown For PC On Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10 & Mac OS X

This game can also be played on Windows and Mac devices with the help of Android Emulators. To Play Cosmic Showdown For PC, you need to install an Android emulator on your windows and Mac device. Follow the instructions below to download and install Cosmic Showdown For PC and Laptop.

  • Download Nox app player. (Link)
  • Install it on your PC.
  • Open Nox click on google folder.
  • Select the play store app.
  • Enter Gmail credentials.
  • Use the play store search, write and press enter.
  • Select your game, click the install button and accept the installation.
  • Once installed click open to play Cosmic Showdown For PC.

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