2021 Newly Launched Instagram Lite for PC – Here’s how to install it on Computer

Probably the most awaited app of 2021 is here. Facebook was planning to launch the Instagram Lite version in March 2021 and they did it successfully. Like the regular version, people’s madness level was the same on the lite version and they just roll over the app like it’s a black Friday sale. Facebook explained about Instagram Lite Launch in an official statement as

“Slightly more than 63% of the world’s population is online, as opposed to nearly 90% in North America. And many of the regions that are connected do not possess the most up-to-date mobile devices, robust internet networks, or affordable data plans needed for the swift delivery of the data-rich videos and images found on Instagram. For instance, only around 50% of households in India have access to the internet.”

Our topic is how to Download Instagram Lite for PC. First, we will finish this task and then we will explain Instagram Lite in detail.

The app is launched on Android only. Even iOS users are lacking this app. Maybe they will get the lite version soon. One thing is confirmed that Instagram Lite for PC or Web version of Instagram Lite will never come.

We already sort out a way to download Instagram Lite for PC. Just a couple of steps to follow and users will get the Instagram Lite on Windows 10/previous version and Instagram Lite for macOS 11 BigSur/previous versions.

By the way, we already have a guide to install Facebook Lite for PC, you need to visit that.

How To Download Instagram Lite for PC on Windows 10 & Mac

In order to download & install Instagram Lite for PC. You will have to acquire the services of an Android emulator. Think of an emulator as a third-party software that allows you to access Android apps on a PC. As there are many emulators introduced in the market. We are going to talk about BlueStacks. Because this only emulator has the ability to run smoothly on both Windows & Mac OS X. Head below to know How to Download Instagram Lite for PC on Windows 10 & Mac through BlueStacks.

Downloading Instagram Lite on Windows 10

Here are the steps to install Instagram Lite for PC, Windows. Hopefully, you downloaded the BlueStacks on Windows successfully through our guide. After getting the BlueStacks.exe file on a computer, users need to install it like any other software on a PC.

  1. Go through some formalities and complete them. In the next step, open the Google Play on BlueStacks present at the main Home. Enter Google Account that is already in use. Or, if anyone doesn’t have a Google Account, it is compulsory to create a one first.
  2. Just like installing an App on Android through Play Store, the same procedure is required to install Instagram Lite for PC. Search the app name on Google Play Store in the emulator and click on the install button.

Instagram Lite for macOS

Once you get Nox App Player ready to use, Open Google Play from the homepage.

  • Search for the Instagram Lite on the Google Play Search and press enter button.
  • Locate the app, open the Profile and click on the install button.


  1. Download the Instagram Lite APK from apkpure.com or others.
  2. Drag and Drop the Instagram Lite APK into Nox App Player.
  3. Click on the Install option if prompt. Your app will get installed within few minutes.

Throwback to Instagram – Rise of the Giant

Instagram is not needy of introduction for internet users. Every 90 out of 100 internet users are account holders of Instagram. According to Alexa, Instagram stands at the 25th position among the global website rankings. Remember there are more than 1 billion websites in the world. Currently, the Instagram app is under the mighty Facebook they acquired the platform in the initial years of the previous decade. A platform that was acquired against 1 billion dollars is now worth over 100 Billion USD.

Instagram Fanbase is not hidden from anyone. More than 1 Billion Downloads on Android, 5th most downloaded app on iOS, iPhone, and pads. 25th most accessed website in the world, it’s a huge feat because users don’t like the web version, not at all!

Let’s talk about Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is progressing just like its ancestor. It’s hardly 2 months passed since the launch of Instagram Lite. Already, it has more than 10 million downloads on Android. The author is using the app personally on his old Galaxy s3, the experience was truly remarkable.

Instagram Lite for PC

Even other users who wrote reviews on Google Play are looking happy One user was saying that this app works well even he was using Instagram Lite on 2G.

User’s security and privacy

Even if it is a lite version it doesn’t mean that Facebook is compromising on users’ security, or, they are not paying respect to users’ privacy. Like the regular version, Instagram security is too good. The authorities joined their head to keep this app-improving day by day.

Supports Low-End Devices!

It is the time of 5G and 4G is already so common. There are some areas where even 3G is not stable, Instagram lite is also useable in such areas. Secondly, if a user has a low-end device means a phone with low specification, Instagram Lite still entertains those users.

An amazing fact which is undeniable about Instagram Lite is the file size, just 2MB! doesn’t it sound unbelievable?

When you use the app for the first time, it is difficult for you to differentiate between Instagram Lite and Instagram’s regular version. Credit goes to Facebook for creating the app with such perfection.

Instagram Lite Features

If we talk about Instagram V/S Instagram Lite or compare Insta with Insta lite in a general manner, there is no difference at all. Here are the key feature of Instagram Lite

  • Instagram Lite in India is more popular than any other region.
  • Instagram Lite download for PC is also possible if we involve an app installer from our side.
  • Users can post their photos and videos on Instagram Lite as they do on the regular version.
  • Post a 24 hours story and share it with your Insta Family.
  • Instagram Lite uses less data as compared to the regular version.
  • Like the Instagram DM, users have an option of Instagram Lite Direct Message, where they can have a private conversation with a friend or group of friends.

Absence of Dark Mode

As we all know, Dark Mode is the important element of every social app. It is the must-have for all the apps if they want to make their app a great success. Unfortunately, Instagram Lite Dark Mode is not present currently. The app is new and developers are still working on making improvements in the app. Hopefully, you will see the Dark Mode in Instagram Lite very soon.

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